Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Top Ten Tips To Budgeting # 8 Cooking From Home

Cooking From Home:

Cooking from home can be fun, it is something the whole family can enjoy and participate in, it is not just something only Mum's can do.

One of the best skills I taught both my boys was to cook, and they both helped from very early on, it can see them through anything, and it is very relaxing.

I relied on my youngest son to help with meals while I was working full time for a short period of time, and he was a huge help to me and it was very beneficial to him as well, as he is now married and the first one home in his household, so he can take what he learnt here at home and introduce it to his own house.

I am a lover of collecting, my husband will say I'm a hoarder, but really if it comes to cookbooks, I've got to have them, I just do.
I had to make way for a renovation in our kitchen a few years back and that meant packing away my cherished cooking books, you would think having hundreds I would never use each and every one but you're wrong.
I would know which book to go to for a certain recipe, each time I would go into a church shop, second hand shop or charity shop I would scour the shelves for recipe books and buy buy buy, I would go home read from cover to cover and then try out recipes, the book would then get a cross or a star depending on what the family thought of the meal, this way it helped me to know as I flipped through each book which recipes I had tried and which ones we liked and didn't like.

It is easy to just reach for the pre processed ready made meals, or the tins or jars of just add mince, sausages or chicken, but really all those meals are is rubbish and they are so basic to make, and you could make them for quarter the price you would spend on a ready made one, and by researching through recipe books you can get easy to follow recipes that will have you turn up the same meal you would of paid 4 times the price for in the supermarket.

My Cookbook of love

One of the things I did for my children when they left home, was to construct for both of them a cookbook made up of all the recipes they had enjoyed over the years, with tips and tricks that only their Mum would know, to help them prepare, cook and dish up a magnificent meal for very little cost.

I'm willing to share this recipe book with you to view, as I know it covers all the basics, right through to magnificent.

This book is NZ copyrighted, so please view it only.
You do have my permission to print out a single recipe and to be able to share it with your family and friends, but please don't steal this booklet or take the credit for a recipe submission,  as the credit for these recipes is mine and mine alone.

There is a possibility of publication in the future, and please contact me if you are showing an interest in this,  but until then please check it out.

Follow the link below, this should take you to it directly.


Over several years I have shared with others my recipes, helpful hints and tips via message boards all over the world, but the two I have frequented often and maintained have been on a New Zealand site called Trade Me Message Boards, there I have kept these two threads going and updated for over 7 years.

I have been given many requests from fellow message board followers to start a blog or a website or to publish the comments I had contributed, so this is what I have now started to do.



Visitors from overseas may not be able to see the threads, but I hope you can.

I cannot take the credit for all the comments on these threads but my comments are there for all to see and these two threads, would be the longest running threads, that I have ever known on those message boards, and over the years they have helped a lot of families through struggles, financial hardships and just people who were needing to tighten their belts a little.

So check them out, they are full of inspiring ideas and helpful tips to help complete or complement a meal.

Here are also a couple of recipe books that might interest you to download

This one had been produced by WINZ and has lots of ideas


An this one is from Flora Margarine, and it has some yummy ideas in it as well, enjoy


A fun cook book from Kellogs with something for everyone


A cookbook to help with feeding a large family


Cook book encouraging you to add spices to your recipes, some lovely ones in here too


Family Circle Cookbook


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