Friday, 20 September 2013

Free Stuff For All... As Much Free Stuff As I Can Find For Free

We all love a bargain, what can I say.
These links have something for everyone, Dad the cat & dog, and also the teenager who likes his music loud.

I have a box that I keep in the spare room and any samples I received I place them in that box, come Birthdays and Christmas if I'm trying to put together a present, I'll search in there as soon as I know I'm going to need a gift and see if anything will suit, I've included a few examples

My girlfriend found out she had to avoid caffeine for her migraines, so to cheer her up, I gave her a lovely mug and a whole lot of herbal tea samples, which I had previously requested to see which blend I preferred. My friend thought it was absolutely wonderful, and thought I had gone to an immense lot of trouble, but all it had cost me was the mug $1.00 at a Briscoes sale and the cellophane and ribbon to wrap it all in, plus the time it took to email the herbal tea company.

New baby for a friend, ok in the free box I had a promotional bib, from some baby branded company, 6 free nappies, and some small tubes of some nappy rash cream, so a quick trip to the $2 emporium and I came away with some rattles and some baby flannels, placed it all in a small basket I had, wrapped it in cellophane and a ribbon and off I went for a visit.

New job for a friend in a local office, checking the free box again I find, some post it notes, a promotional stapler and staples, a few pens, and a stapler remover, so again off to the emporium and came away with some, erasers, pencils, twink,paper clips, and close it pins, a ruler, calculator and I dressed it all up in a small mesh tray that will serve as a holder for some of the goods we had given, and away we went.

Remember it is after all the thought that counts, and you know who you can utilize things for a who you can't.
If its Aunty Dotty who will turn her nose up at the cheap goods, bake her a cake, everyone loves a fresh home made cake.

I redeem anything I find, coupons, vouchers, on the back of the grocery receipt, free DVDs, free magazines, if they are not any good, I give them away.

I still ask everywhere I spend money, ''Are you giving anything away today'', it could be at the supermarket, the video store, petrol station or liquor outlet, If you don't ask you don't receive.

I organise and cater for many events where prizes are often required, and these items I collect go straight into my prize box, and normally a month out from getting ready to orginise prizes I go through the box and see what is on offer, and what I will need to purchase.

If it works out that you get something for nothing,  great, if it doesn't work out its not the end of the world.

Choose wisely if you have to sign up for the site, as it could be a catch to hook you into their emails.

All products were available at the time this thread was assembled,  September 2013, I cannot guarantee any off the products are going to still be valid.
But please leave a comment if you have tried for something and it lets you know its expired.
I have tried to section everything out accordingly so that it is easy to find.
Click on the link and it will ask you to add the site, click yes.

And remember, if you can save $5.00 every week on something like this, that is $260.00 a year.

These offers are available for NZ residents only


Feminine Products

Women's Perfumes

Womens Skincare
Got an email saying samples on the way
Got an email saying samples on the way
You have to send a self addressed envelope for this to 
Brand Value LTD
Po Box 84166
Stating the shade you would like

Womans Magazine
This is a downloaded version


Mens Products


Nappies received received

Milk Powder

5 Books downloaded
Downloaded Heaps
Recieved My Pack and it was awesome lots of goodies receieved received



PC Game


Car received receieved


Download It
Download It
Download it

Grocery List
Download Them

Colouring Print Out
Plenty here to do, print out or do online
Plenty here to do, print out or do online

Air Freshener

Mens Magazine

Family Magazines



Art Supplies


Laundry receieved received receieved receieved

Business Products

3 D Glasses

First Aid

You need to sign up two friends to Yates online to receive the seeds


Free Delivery on Groceries

Pet Food

E Cards

Santa Message

Christmas Gift Guide

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