Friday, 6 February 2015

Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork

Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork

This is copies from another website:

So my sis-in-law Kelly gave me a great idea for  a craft to do with the babes! I’m always looking for fun cute things to do with the girls (even though they’re babies!). I love footprint crafts because it’s a great way to make artwork that’s sentimental  yet still involves the little one!
We started out by whipping out a little rainbowy stamp pad and some card stock.
NOTE! Rainbow stamp pad is non-toxic, safe for baby’s skin, and can be purchased here.
Then I just pressed the stamp pad on their little tootsies! After getting them all inked up, I held their ankle still for a few seconds to wait for them to stop wiggling before I pressed that chubby foot onto the card stock!
And then I just used a couple markers to draw in the body of the butterfly, antennas, and the girls’ names!
And I pulled out some cheap unused picture frames, and spray painted them gray with some leftover Krylon.
Cute, right? I can’t decide if I’ll put them on that long shelf in the nursery, or hang them on the living room wall for awhile!

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