Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Taking The Hassle Out Of Christmas - Part Four - Christmas Dinner On A Budget

I am going to show you how you can create a Christmas Dinner on a Budget of $70.00 or less for 6 Adults or 4 Adults and up to 4 Children.

For this menu, there will be no fancy table decorations so those will have to be made before hand, check out the thread, getting ready for Christmas here, and that will give you lots of inspiration as to what you can do for next to nothing to jazz up the house for Christmas.
There may be a few items that you could borrow, to help living the table up, such as

Silver Candelabra
Nice Tablecloth (or you can use a coloured cotton sheet)
Wine Glasses

I have added individual prices beside every item I purchased so if you do need to scale down the price further you can design this specially for you budget and pick and choose your items to remove and keep.

Simply by leaving out the kumera and cranberry mix you will save almost $10.00, but they are what make the dinner just that little bit special.

These items are from New World and are taken at October 2013 pricing's so please expect prices to slightly differ in your area.


Christmas Mince Pies  ( Pam's $3.00 for 6)
Chippies ( Chippies Pam's 150 g $1.50)
Dip  ( It was cheaper to buy a ready made dip 200 g $2.99)
Lollies ( Pam's $2.20) 

Nibbles Total $ 9.69

Main Meal

Chicken for Roasting ( Size 14 $9.49)
Deli Ham for Rolling ( $4.00)
Cranberry Jelly ( $3.69)
1/4 of a Pumpkin ( $1.25)
10 Large Potatoes ( 6 For Roasting 4 for Mashing) ($4.00)
3 Medium Kumera  ($5.00 )
Oil (hopefully you have this)
Peas ( Pam's kg $2.49)

2 Eggs ( 60 cents)
Stale Broken up bread ( Budget bread $1.50 )
1 Finely Chopped Onion ( 0.30 cents)
Enough Melted Butter/Margarine to bind ( $1.87 Budget 500 g)
1 Tablespoon of Mixed Herbs ( hopefully you have these)
Tin Foil to wrap stuffing in ( cheapest was $1.68 )
Oil (hopefully you have this)

Dinner Total $ 35.87

Grape Juice ( Pam's  Sparkling Grape Juice $3.74 )
Lemonade ( Budget 1.5 L $1.29 )

Drinks Total $ 5.03


Jelly ( Pam's $ 0.69)
Instant Pudding ( Pam's $ 0.99)

Jam ( Pam's 500 g $2.99 ) Spread over sponge before cutting up
Trifle Sponge Broken up small (Irvine's was $4.37 for 225 g or Bakeries was larger $4.99 )
Fruit Salad Budget 820 g $2.54 ) Pour Juice over sponge and place F/Salad over top
Custard ( Ready made $3.63 ) Pour over mix
Cream ( Pams $2.52 ) Sweeten and  Whip and pour over top
100s /1000s ( 50 g $1.68 ) Sprinkle on top of mixture
 Dessert Totals $19.41

Overall Total $ 70.00

This will give you everything you need to cover all of the food essentials, and then if you do find some extra cash make the table phenomenal with adding a few flash but cheap extras such as pretty themed serviettes, Christmas Crackers and maybe some funky straws for the children.

Not forgetting the extra lollies and small Christmas toys you pick up from the $2.00 shop or emporium to make the table extra special.

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