Thursday, 24 October 2013

Grocery Shopping With Mum How Fun Can That Be

Have you ever said to yourself, I wish I could keep my son/daughter occupied while I go and do my shopping, well here are three things that you can print off and give to your children to keep them busy while you shop.

After you have tried these 3 things you will be able to create different print outs every time, 
Just click on the link under each picture and print and you will be away.

Hand a copy to your son/daughter and let them jog down when they find an item and they will be as attentive as ever.


Scavenger hunt while grocery shopping with Mum and while we're there lets try and find something starting with every letter of the alphabet while we are shopping.


Hopefully it will change a very hard to cope situation with something that turns into a pleasant time for you and your son/daughter, as they will want to come with you to help out.

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