Sunday, 22 September 2013

Waste Not Want Not It Is Simple

Its a simple thing really, It all about what we can do to reduce our waste.

Once you read this you will think I'm a nut, cause when I put my mind to it, I can have hardly any wastage at all, its all about good management, accurate planning and having the right contacts.

Over the years I have made many contacts, and they are always there to help out, I just have to remember to shout out to them when I'm going through the motions, so I can keep my waste at a minimum.

If it reduces our landfill and keeps the ozone layer happy its a good thing.

And remember our saying, for every $5.00 we save a week its $240.00 a year we get to spend on something else, we would like to.

A great saying that I have heard and I love and live by is,

''The only thing in life we can be certain of, is our Attitude''.

So if you focus on that quote and try and think positively about things,  it will make you think differently in the long run.

I have two nieces and one nephew that still go to school here in town, and my Sister In Law works at the local Kindy, so between them all I am kept up to date with what everyone is collecting.
So I give to all of them

So keeping this in mind let's begin.

Our local schools at the moment are collecting

  • Yummy stickers that come off the fruit
  • Yummy labels that come off the fruit bag
  • Colgate toothpaste boxes
Our Kindy is collecting
  • Margarine containers with lids
  • Ice cream containers with lids
  • Milk & Orange Juice Lids
  • Boxes e.g. baking powder boxes, cereal boxes
  • Egg Cartons
  • Rolls from inside of glad wrap, tin foil etc
  • Any lids that cannot be swallowed by children and used for Art
  • Magazines
Our Local Churches are collecting
  • Stamps, so tear off stamps when your checking your mail, as they get 1 cent for each one returned.
Our Local SecondHand Shop is collecting

  • Clean newspaper
  • Clean grocery bags


Not much from the bathroom can be saved, but there is recycling that can happen,

  • The plastic bottle you are about to throw away has a number on the bottom, it can be washed and recycled, these may be shampoo,body wash, cleaning products, liquid soap.
  • Toothpaste, the tubes are rubbish but the boxes if colgate I open up and place in the Kindy bag which sits in my pantry.
  • Deodorant, once empty are rubbish but the lids can be washed and placed in the Kindy bag.
  • Toothbrushes, one they are at their use by date, place in a bag and use them for detailed work like, jewellery cleaning, silver cleaning or to clean around the taps etc.
  • Toilet roll tubes, burn.
  • I always collect from hotels there little soaps and shampoos & conditioners, I use the shampoos & conditioners for hand wash, I just pour them into my hand wash container, no ones knows.
  • Hotel Soaps I always have one on my hand basin, its an ample size.
  • If I'm low on soap powder and can't get to the shops that day I'll use a hotel bottle of shampoo as laundry detergent, who would know. I do it while I'm staying in the hotels anyway, why would you pay $2.00 just to wash one load of washing, when you can always ring down to reception and say the kids have used all the shampoo and can you get another one.


Clothing & Shoes, I have three piles
  • Clothes to sell on trademe.I I keep a suitcase in my spare room and when I have time I list stuff)
  • Clothes to give away or to place in clothing bin.
  • Clothes to cut into rags ( not shoes obviously )
Books & Magazines
  • Books if they are read, sell on trademe or give away
  • Magazines, give to kindy

If it cannot be recycled, it gets burnt, or placed in the rubbish, but things like
  • Deodorant , Body Spray, Hair Spray Lids can be washed and placed in Kindy Bag
  • Gel Containers, I wash and keep, there are a million things that can be done with them.


Dining Room

N/A in our house


The big cigar.

Ok there is quite a bit that gets done in here, obviously once the shopping is done, we have abit of a process, and its even worse if I'm on a reduce burning wastage,
  • All kitchen boxes get opened up and placed in the kindy bag, or burnt
  • All used grocery bags, get saved and given to the second hand shop
  • All Vegetable/Fruit scraps, get taken to work and collected for pig food
  • All yummy fruit labels get placed on the fridge.
  • All Milk or Cream lids get washed and put in the Kindy bag, Milk Bottles get recycled.
  • Empty margarine or ice cream containers if I don't need them at work for fruit to freeze etc they go in kindy bag
  • Jam & Pasta jars, I keep for jams, pickles and relish or give them away.
  • Coffee Jars, My one weakness is Moccona Coffee, the small jars I save and use for gifts such as fudges, chocolates or bath salts, and the large one's I keep for gifts also for, cake mix in a jar. You will have to check out the thread, ''Its the thought that counts'' to find recipes for these items.
  • Tins, if they cannot be washed and recycled become rubbish.
  • Food Left Overs, I have a container for food leftovers and that is kept in the fridge, for things like a fry up, or bubble and squeak.
  • Cereal crumbs in the bottom of the box are kept and they go into baking.
  • Little bits of stuff, almost dried up and left in jars, if I can imagine somewhere for it to fit into, it goes in, or otherwise, thrown into the pig food container.
  • Stale biscuits/cakes have the icing removed and bagged and frozen and when I want to make up a biscuit fudge it is there to use, it just needs defrosting.
  • Bread crusts, regardless of whether its been frozen or not, go into a bread bag in the freezer and when I need bread crumbs I make it up from frozen in the food processor. If I've been organised I would've done a bag ahead of time and it will be waiting for me in the freezer.
That is all I can think of for now, but I will keep adding things as I think of things.

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