Sunday, 22 September 2013

Family Deception Is The Ultimate Target

My poor familyI've duped them for years

One of my favorite sayings in life is

''What the eyes see they believe''

In life you live by what you can afford, so sometimes as a Mum you have to tell little porkies to get through, or to get by as they say.

When you're living frugally, you cannot afford to buy the top brand, even if that happened to be your family's favourite.
So you have to be quick on your feet, and learn the art of Deception.

Here are my families top brands and how they were royally duped on many occasions.


Ok my family love quality Bakers or Natures Fresh bread, its over $3.00 a loaf, I would buy it for them when it was on special at 2 for $5.00 but if it wasn't no they would think they were getting it, but they were not.
So here is my story:

When i was doing my bakery training, part of it was I had to go to the Mania bread Factory,and see how the bread was made, and see the different steps that were taken in producing an end product.
It was extremely interesting and I learned a lot.
There were 3 brands that were coming out of the factory out of the one batch of dough, and you guessed it Natures Fresh was one, Budget Bread was another & I cannot remember the 3rd one but all the same dough, three different labels, the only difference was the cutting width was set differently for each brand
But due to what I've told you above, if I buy Budget Bread it sits in it budget wrapper and is avoided, but if I buy Natures Fresh bread its the best bread ever, and they rave that their sandwiches are the best as they are so fresh.
So I have save two Natures Fresh bags that are hidden away and I now transfer the Budget Bread into the Natures Fresh wrapper,  no ones knows, no one says a thing and its still the best bread ever, and everyone comments that they don't know why I persist and buy that Budget Bread cause its doesn't stay fresh.


It has to Meadow Lea margarine it just has to be, no other brand can compare.
Yep, you guessed it a 1 kg of plain brand margarine was about $8.00 and as I'M a collector of containers I would buy the plain brand and transfer into meadow Lee containers, like above they reckoned you can tell the difference in the taste, but obviously not cause this was done for years, and I used it for cooking/baking as well.


Skippy or Sanitarium all the way.

And yes you guessed it they ate Home brand  cereals  transferred into good old tupperware cereal containers, and no one knew the difference  just had to be a bit careful not to keep the packets lying around.

Sauces & Pickles

Watties tomato sauce is what we always eat, 

Sorry its Home brand placed into a Watties tomato sauce squeeze bottle, unless of course Watties was on special then yes it could have been that.

Pickles was a bit different, as they always loved Cerabus, but I used to make my own, then blend it and place it into their bottles, no one found out.

Plum Sauce, my family hate my sauce,cause I always put sultanas in it, thats how I like it so thats how I make it, every time.
Where as, my girlfriend, makes a great plum Sauce and she always gives my Husband a bottle or two of it, he thinks its absolutely fabulous  but what he doesn't know is, when her bottle is getting down, I blend my sauce and transfer it into her bottle, mix them up to combine them, and he thinks it's neat because she supplied him with more sauce and he just thinks she dropped him off another batch.


It abit hard to do this for bathroom products when they are very particular on what they like, but I will say that when there are 4 or 5 different brand of shampoo in the shower, that have about an eighth left in them, they do all of a sudden disappear and you have one full bottle of their favourite brand, but really its just a mixture of all of the shampoos together.
I was never found out for that one.
hair gel was always in their favorite jar and was always a cheap brand transferred, it just kept getting refilled.
And I've already explained that I use hotel's shampoo to refill my hand wash container.

I will add more if I think of it, but I guess what I'm trying to say, is that 

''We can't always buy what we want, but   we can be made to believe that we do''.

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