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30 Dessert Recipes To Chose From- Including Costings

 30 Full Dessert Menus , Including Costings

Regardless of your budget, dessert can be a day to day staple, whatever money you have there is a dessert to match your finances.

As a Meals on Wheels Cook, I have to prepare ahead of time a wide range of recipes to present to the dietitian for assessment.
The dietitian reviews the menu to make sure all the dietary requirements I have to cater for are accounted for.

So you can be assured that all these desserts have been approved by her, so you know that any dessert you choose has been assessed as being healthy, nutritious, well balanced and good enough for her 5 star recommendation.

These prices are valid for 2012/2013

      Ice cream Sundae
Shop Bought Ice Cream
Strawberry Sauce 
Blend together strawberries with some icing sugar and blend till nice and smooth 
And use as a pouring sauce can be heated through which thickens it.
Pricing for desserts 
Ice cream $3.00 
Icing Sugar$0.50
Total Cost $6.50 
Per Serve $1.10

      Small Pavlova
4 Eggs$ 1.80 
1 cup of Sugar $ 0.50 
1 teaspoon of White Vinegar $ 0.50 
1 Tablespoon Corn Flour $0.50 
1 small bottle of Cream$1.00 
1 small Passionfruit $0.80
Separate egg yolks from whites and beat white’s to a stiff peak, add 1 teaspoon of malt vinegar, 2 teaspoons of cornflour and 1 cup of sugar slowly fold together and place 
On an oven tray slide lined with greaseproof paper sprinkle some water on the paper then 
Place your mixture over. 
Put into an oven heated to 100 c leave for 1 hour then switch oven off and leave pav to
Cool with the door open. 
Once cool spread with cream and drizzle passion fruit pulp over top.

Both white or malt vinegar can be used in this recipe, it all depends on how you would like your finished product to look, some like a pure white pavlova than use the White vinegar, others like the tradional colour of the pavlova so in that case using the malt vinegar is perfect.
Price for dessert $5.10 
Per Serve $0.85
      Jelly & Peaches
Jelly $0.87 
Tin of peaches $ 1.25
Make jelly in normal way, set in fridge and serve
Total Cost of Dessert $2.12 
Per Serve $0.35
      Sago Pudding 
Serves 8
1 cup of sago $ 1.32 
4 cups of milk $ 2.80 
5 eggs $1.80 
¾ cup of sugar $ 0.50 
1 lemon $ 0.70
Soak sago overnight in 1 cup of milk. 
Add this to 3 cups of milk and cook for 3 hours in the top of a double boiler
Preheat oven to moderate heat 
Beat the yolks with lemon rind, juice & sugar add to the cooked mixture. 
Beat egg whites till stiff. 
Layer meringue mixture and sago mixture in a greased casserole dish ending with 
Bake for 15 mins
Dessert Costing’s 
Total $7.12 
Per Serve $ 0.89
      Rice Pudding 
Serves 6
2 cups of cooked short grain rice$ 0.95 
½ cup of sugar$0.25 
2 eggs slightly beaten$0.60 
2 cups of milk$1.40 
½ teaspoon of vanilla$0.10 
¼ cup of raisins $1.00 
½ teaspoon of cinnamon$0.10
Place cooked rice in a bowl and place other ingredients into it give a good stir 
And place in a casserole dish and cook in a moderate oven for 25 minutes
Price for dessert $4.40 
Per Serve $0.73
      Apricot Sponge & Ice cream 
Serves 6 
Tin of apricots $0.95 
2 eggs$0.60 
½ cup of sugar$ 0.25 
1 cup of flour$0.25 
1 tablespoon of baking powder$0.10 
Milk 2 tablespoons$0.10 
Butter 125 grams$1.00 
Vanilla essence$0.10 
Ice cream $3.00
Drain the apricots and then on top place the sponge mixture. 
Sponge Mix 
Add butter vanilla and sugar to bowl and whisk then add eggs one at a time 
Beating well each time then add sifted flour & baking powder add milk and fold. 
Pour over the fruit and bake for 40 minutes in a moderate oven.
Total cost for dessert $6.35 
Per Serve $ 1.05
       Pears & Custard 
Tinned Pears $ 1.30 
Milk$ 1.00 
Custard Powder $ 0.80 
Vanilla Essence$0.10 
Sugar$ 0.80
Make custard in the normal way and pour over fruit. 
Price for dessert $4.00 
Per Serve $1.00
Apple Sponge & Ice Cream 
4 apples $2.00 
2 eggs$0.60 
½ cup of sugar$ 0.25 
1 cup of flour$0.25 
1 tablespoon of baking powder$0.10 
Milk 2 tablespoons$0.10 
Butter 125 grams$1.00 
Vanilla essence$0.10 
Ice Cream 
Cook peeled chopped apples in a small amount of sugar and a drop of water, 
Until soft, drain and cool 
Sponge Mix 
Add butter vanilla and sugar to bowl and whisk then add eggs one at a time 
Beating well each time then add sifted flour & baking powder add milk and fold. 
Pour over the fruit and bake for 40 minutes in a moderate oven. 
Total Cost for Dessert $7.90 per serving $0.95 serves 8

      Steam Pudding & Ice cream
125 g butter$1.00 
1 cup of sugar$0.50 
2 eggs$0.60 
1 dessertspoons of golden syrup $0.50 
2 tablespoons of milk$0.10 
1 ½ cups of flour $0.50 
Ice cream $3.00
Mix all ingredients together and place into a greased pudding bowl, tie securely with string and place into a bigger pot of water and secure with a lid. 
Boil for 90 minutes serve with ice cream
Dessert Costs$ 6.20 
Per Serve $1.03
      Apple Crumble & Cream 
4 apples cooked$2.00 
Cream $1.20
Crumble Mixture 
100 grams of butter $0.50 
100 grams of sugar $0.50 
200 grams of flour $1.00
Total Cost for Dessert $5.20 
Per Serve $0.86
Makes 12
200 grams of butter $2.00 
6 tablespoons of sugar $0.50 
1 & ½ cups of flour $1.00 
2 tablespoons of cocoa$0.50 
1 & ¼ cups of cornflakes $1.00 
Icing $1.00
Cream butter & sugar & cocoa add cornflakes and mix together well then add flour, roll into balls and place on a greased cooking tray. 
Bake in a moderate oven for 20 minutes. 
When cool ice with chocolate icing and add a walnut to the top.
Total cost of cookies $6.00 
Individually $0.50
      Peaches & Instant Pudding 
Serves 4
Instant pudding mix $1.29 
Tin of peaches$ 1.25 
Milk $ 1.40
Make instant pudding by directions blending 2 cups of milk with the powder. 
Leave in fridge to set 
Add this to the plate with tinned peaches.
Total Cost of dessert 
$ 3.94 
Per Serve $0.98
Jelly & Fruit Salad 
Serves 6
1 tin of fruit salad $ 1.20 
1 Jelly $ 0.87 
Ice cream$3.00
Total Cost of dessert $5.07 
Per Serve $0.84

Rhubarb Fool 
Serves 4 
350 grams of rhubarb $0.00 
55 grams of caster sugar $ 1.00 
1 orange (juice only) $0.90 
150 mls of whipped cream$1.20 
1 egg white beaten$0.30 
Water $0.00
Place the rhubarb, sugar & orange juice and enough water to cover the rhubarb in a medium pan, boil rapidly until rhubarb is soft. 
In another bowl, fold the egg whites into the whipped cream. When the rhubarb is soft fold it into the egg white and cream mixture, reserving a little bit of the rhubarb to use as a decoration. 
Spoon the fool into dessert glasses and top with the reserved rhubarb and serve.
Total Costing $3.40 
Per person 0.85
Total meal costing $ 17.15 
Per Person $ 4.28

Bread & Butter Pudding 
Serves 6
5 slices of bread$1.00 
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon$0.20 
¼ cup of sugar$0.50 
4 tablespoons of butter or margarine$1.00 
½ cup of raisins $ 0.70 
2 cups of milk$ 1.30 
2 eggs $0.60
Spread the bread with the butter or margarine, using a diagonal slice cut each piece in half, arrange in a greased dish slightly overlapping, with butter side facing upwards. As you add the bread, sprinkle with the sugar, cinnamon & raisins 
Put the milk and eggs in a small bowl and using a whisk blend together and pour over bread mix, leave to sand for 15 minutes for everything to absorb, and then cook in a moderate oven or 30 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with runny cream. 
Pudding Costs $5.30 per Person $1.32
Total Cost for full meal $ 15.13 and per person $3.78

Banana Split 
Serves 4 
Ice ream $3.00 
Bananas $4.00 
Chocolate Sauce$3.00
Dessert costing $10.00
Total Meal Main & Dessert $23.34 
Total Cost per person $5.83
Jelly & Ice-cream
Jelly $0.87 
Ice Cream $ 3.00
Total Cost for dessert $3.87 
Per person $ 0.96

Peaches & Custard
 (serves 6)
Total Cost for dessert $ 4.85 per person $0.80 
Custard Powder$0.75 


Sweetened Berry tartlets 

Flaky pastry Tin of berries Honey 
Make pastry tarts and fill with honey, lemon juice, orange zest & drained berries cook 45 mins in a moderate oven 
Dessert Costs $6.00 per person $ 1.00 


Apple Charlotte 
Serves 6
4 apples$2.00 
¼ teaspoon of salt$0.20 
½ teaspoon of ground cloves$0.20 
½ lemon zested$0.50 
½ cup of orange juice$0.50 
3 tablespoons of sherry$0.75 
60grams of butter$0.75 
3 cups of fresh breadcrumbs$1.00 
Mix apples with sugar & cloves, salt, lemon rind, orange juice & sherry, set aside. Combine melted butter & breadcrumbs, mixing well. Fill a 5 cup, buttered Charlotte mould or casserole with alternate layers of breadcrumbs & apple mixture, beginning & ending with breadcrumbs. Cover pudding and bake in pre-heated, moderate oven (180c)for 30 mins, uncover & bake a further 15 mins until crumbs are golden. Serve with cream.
Total Cost for Dessert $8.10 
Per person $1.35
Full Meal $ 22.70 
Per person $5.67

Pineapple Ginger Strudel 
Serves 6-8
Puff pastry$2.00 
225gr of crushed Pineapple$1.50 
¼ cup of glazed ginger$1.00 
1 tsp of grated lemon rind$0.50 
1 teaspoon of salt$0.20 
2 tablespoons of sultanas$0.20 
1 beaten egg$0.30 
1 Tablespoon of chopped almonds$0.30 
Ice Cream $3.00 
Whipped Cream$1.00 
Roll pastry to a 38cm square. Drain pineapple; add ginger, lemon rind, salt & sultanas. Spread fruit mixture over pastry leaving 3cm uncovered at edges. Dampen edges, roll up. Brush with beaten egg. Sprinkle with sugar & almonds. Bake at 200c for 20 minutes then at 180c for 15 minutes or until pastry is golden brown & cooked through. Slice while hot & serve with vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream
Total Cost for Dessert $ 10.10 
Per person $1.68 
Jelly, Pears & Cream
Total Dessert Cost $ 3.17 per person $0.79


Crème Caramel 
Serves 6
165 grams of caster sugar$1.00 
180mls of water$0.00 
6 eggs$1.80 
2 tablespoons of cornflour$0.50 
150 grams of caster sugar$1.00 
35 grams of cocoa$0.50 
580 mls of milk$2.60 
410mls of thickened cream$2.20 
90grams of amoretti (almond) biscuits$1.00 
2 T dark rum or rum essence$1.00
Dessert costs $11.60 
Per person $1.93
Full Meal Costs$ 23.05 
Per person$4.79

Sticky Date Pudding
1 cup chopped pitted dates $1.10; 1 tsp baking soda$0.10; 100 gms butter$0.80; 3/4 cup caster sugar$1.00; 2 eggs$0.60; 1 tsp vanilla$0.20; 1 1/4 cups self raising flour$0.40; 2-3 bananas sliced$1.20. 
1. Preheat oven to 180*. Spray a 22-23cm square cake tin and then line with baking paper 
2.Place the dates in a small saucepan or microwave bowl with 1 cup hot water. Bring to the boil, then add the baking soda. Stir well and allow to cool for 5 minutes. 
3. In the meantime, using an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar until fluffy and pale. Add the eggs, vanilla and flour then beat in the dates and their liquid. Mix in the banana slices then pour the batter into prepared tin. Bake for 40-45 minutes. 
Serve with butterscotch sauce poured over, and ice cream or whipped cream.
For the sauce 
1 cup brown sugar$1.00; 100 gms butter$0.80; 1 cup cream$1.10. 
Place all in a small saucepan and stir over medium heat until it comes to a good boil. Boil for 1 minute, then pour over the pudding.( I did my sauce in the microwave for 1 minute on high and it was lovely) 
A while ago when I made sticky date puddings, I did them in muffin pans. I froze what we didn't use, and then reheated them in the microwave, and made a new batch of sauce. 
Total Cost for Pudd $8.30 not bad for 8 or more people I recon it was delicious, and if you allow $3 for iceceam and then make a custard at $1.86 for 1 litre of milk custard powder & sugar $1.00 that makes a total cost for a divine desert of$ 12.30 divided by 8 =$1.53 PP or by 10 = $1.23 pp 

Ginger nut Surprise
2 1/2 cups milk $1.50 
3 tbsp custard powder $0.50 
2 tsp sugar $0.20 
500g Granny Smith apples $2.50 
1 packet ginger nut biscuits$1.50
Make custard with milk, custard powder and sugar. Peel, core and stew apples in a little water. Crush ginger nuts. Place a layer of crushed ginger nuts in bottom of ovenproof dish. Cover with half the stewed apples then cover with half of custard. Repeat these layers once more. Bake at 120c for 20 minutes
Total dessert Cost $6.20 serves 6 
per person $ 1.03 
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Apple Dumplings 
This is an old recipe an also is delicious. 
2 ozs butter$1.00 
1 cup flour $.50 
1 tsp baking powder.$0.10 
Rub together & bind with water roll out cut into squares.. 
cut peeled apple into quarters an roll in squares$1.00 
Place in greased dish, Baste with 1 cup hot water 2ozs butter$1.00 1 cup sugar $0.50 melted together until Golden brown 300-350 oven 3/4 hr. serve with custard$2.00 or ice cream$3.00 or just on its own 
Total Cost of dessert 4.10 

Per person $ 2.27

Self Saucing Ginger Toffee Pudding 
Self-Saucing Ginger Toffee Pudding Batter: 
1 cup flour$0.25 , 2 tsp baking powder $0.10, 2 tsp ground ginger $0.10, 1/4 cup soft brown sugar$1.00, 1/4 cup white sugar $0.50, 50g butter$1.00 1 tbsp golden syrup$0.50, 1/2 cup milk$0.50 
1/2 cup soft brown sugar $2.00 
1/2 cup white sugar$0.25 
1 tbsp golden syrup$0.50 
2 tsp ginger$0.10 
2 cups boiling water$0.00 
Method: Combine dry batter ingredients in a large bowl. Melt butter with golden syrup. Pour into dry ingredients with milk and mix. Place in greased oven-proof dish that is quite deep, Put sauce ingredients in a bowl. As you add the boiling water, stir until ingredients are mostly dissolved, then pour over the batter mixture. Bake for 45 minutes at 180oC. Serve with vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream. Makes 4 servings
Total Cost of Dessert $ 6.80 
Per person $1.70

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae 
Serves 6
Ice cream $3.00 
Chocolate Sauce $3.00
Total Cost of dessert $6.00 
Per person $1.00

Pear, Apple & Ginger Crumble with custard 
3 apples peeled, quartered, cored & sliced,$1.50 
3 pears, peeled, quartered, cored & sliced,$1.50 
3/4 cup brown sugar,$1.00 
1 tsp cinnamon,$0.10 
1 Tbsp water $0.00 
2 cups rolled oats, $1.00 
1 cup flour,$0.50 
1 cup brown sugar, $1.00 
1 1/2 tsp ground ginger,$0.10 
100g butter.$0.75 
Custard $3.00 
Method: Arrange fruit in large ovenproof baking dish. Sprinkle over sugar, cinnamon, and water. Combine crumble ingreds. in a bowl & mix well. Sprinkle crumble over fruit. Press lightly with back of spoon.Bake at 180 degrees C for 45 mins. Serve with custard. Serves 6-8 
Total Cost of Dessert $ 10.45 
per person 1.75

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