Friday, 13 February 2015

Making Your Very Own Picnic Caddy Out Of Old Cans

1- Get 6 cans without lids and sand it to remove any burrs left over que May Have When cutting the cover. Tip: Prefer taller cans of the cans of peeled tomatoes. 

2-Paint cans inside and outside. Use the color you like and let it dry for one day. We used synthetic enamel paint. The synthetic enamel protects metal against moisture, Preventing rust. You can use any other paint que goes with metal. 
Tip: Insert your hand into the can and spin the can while you brush it outside. Put the can on the table lined with newspaper and brush inside. Alternatively, wait for the paint to dry outside to paint inside. 

3 Choose a piece of wood and paint with synthetic enamel paint or other. Here we put the little white ink on the paint we used to paint the cans are tones are different. The wood is a little lighter than the cans. If you like the original color of the wood and cans, you do not need painting anything. 

4- With a thick nail and a hammer, drill a hole in the can for threading the screw. 
Tip: To make this step easier see the picture and see how I put the can inside a thick piece of wood que was holded by the red clip. So the can Stood firm to hammer. Is not scratching the paint, put a piece of felt between the wood and the painted can. 

5- Place the cans stuck in place que will be screwed.Mark the location of the hole in the wood with a pen or pencil 

6 Drill the holes 6 in wood using a hammer and nail.

7- Place screws into the holes of a can, Then screw it on the wood piece. Repeat with all the cans. 

8. Screw the handle after making the hole with nail and hammer. 

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