Friday, 20 February 2015

Make Your Own WIne Rack - Usiong Old Can's Etc


– 4–12 large coffee or tomato cans (depending on the size of rack you want to make)
– can opener
– 1 can white spray paint
– 3–4 cans brightly colored spray paint
– E6000 Glue
– cardboard or a drop cloth
– gloves (optional)

Instructions:1. Remove the labels and make sure the cans are completely clean and dry.
2. With a can opener remove the bottom of each can so they are open on both ends. (If there are any rough edges, file them down to protect your fingers.
3. Spray the insides of each can in a bright color. We chose to go with a range of blues and purples. Be sure to spray from both ends.
4. Once the insides are dry, spray the outsides of the cans white. We found that this took two coats to be fully covered.
5. After the cans are completely dry arrange them into groupings by horizontal row. Glue the cans together in a row, and secure with binder clips or clothespins while they dry. Repeat with the additional rows
6. Once the glue has dried, glue each row together and secure with binder clips. Allow this round of glue to dry fully before using.
Peel off can labels

These labels (thankfully!) were easy to remove since they were only glued in one stripe.
Removing bottoms

Remove the bottom of the can, and the inner ring around the top if your can has one. This will allow you to slide the bottles in evenly and make sure everything is balanced.
Spray the interiors

We chose to do a blue and purple color palette, and since we had four shades we did three cans in each color. Because the interiors are ridged, spray first from one end, then flip the can over and spray again from the other side.
Spray the exterior of the cans

We found that it took two coats to cover the cans evenly. Just allow enough drying time between coats. Once again, it helps to flip the can over halfway through.
Arrange the colors

We grouped our four colors into rows of three making sure not to repeat a color combination twice.
Glue the cans into rows

Glue your rows together and give the glue time to dry. Securing the cans with binder clips or clothespins will make sure nothing shifts.
Glue the rows together

Finally, start gluing your rows together. You’ll need to stack the cans and mark where to put the glue.
DIY Color Block Wine Rack

Now all that’s left is to add some wine!

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