Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Recycle Those Old T Shirts & Make Scarves Out Of Them

From T-shirt to scarf

In the winter I always try to add a touch of colour to my looks, because usually I use very dark colors. And what’s better than to put colour near the face to illuminate it?
Create this fringe scarf from an old T-shirt. Recycle your summer T’s and give a boho-chic look to your outfit .You just need a pair of scissors!
  • T-shirt
  • Fabric scissors
1. Cut the T-shirt under the sleeves.
2. Cut 20 cm fringes where you made the initial cut.
3. When you have all the fringes, stretch down each one to elongate them.
4. Join the fringes by twos and tie knots.
5. Separate the tied fringes. Knot again by twos, this time with the fringe beside.

This is your new scarf! Super easy to do and a good idea to recycle your old T’s.

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