Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Gaining Access To Free Onions All Year Round

Sometimes in our weekly grocery menu folks will ask why they almost never see onions in our "purchased" groceries for the week.

Well, I'll tell you why, because if you buy onions just once, you can have free onions for the rest of your life, with very little effort. Here's how we do it . . .

The next time your purchase onions, Gently cut the root end off each onion (it doesn't really matter what kind, purple, red, yellow, white, etc) as you use them. Place the root end that you just cut off and plant it in dirt, making sure that it is well watered. It will take root and resprout a new onion.

You can leave these in a window sill in your home for easy access year round. They do prefer lots of sun!

As you need an onion, simply cut one off right at the ground, leaving the intact root and another will sprout in its place. This technique also works great with Leeks as well.

For scallions or spring onions you can place a few marbles or stones in the bottom of a mason jar and place the roots on top with just enough water covering the roots. They will take hold and re-sprout in just a few days time.

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