Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Trina's Progress - Week Four On '' The Low Carb Diet''

If you have been following my progress over the last few weeks you will know that I am doing the ''Low Carb Diet''

This week:

Minor Headaches

No Constipation
No Withdraws

Cheating , OMG it was a bad week

Did I have lunch out -

Yes I ate out and tried to have good choices, but the weekend was bad as, I had my DIL birthday on Saturday night which required pudding and of course  CAKE and my other DIL's baby shower on Sunday, and lunch was pizza, spring rolls, sandwiches and sausage rolls, nothing I could eat, so I did the best I could, which you can interpret as I ate all the wrong foods lol

Did I have dinner out- 

Yes, main course was fine, but had to have pudding and cake, it was rude to NOT

Weight Loss

1 kg (couldn't believe that)

Total Loss-

In 4 weeks is 5.7 kg, 


2/7 been really busy and have made alot of excuses, so I have been very lucky this week.


Been really good with that, i will add i'm drinking heaps

Got to show you this picture, look what Ive just got, they are absolute time wasters, Elvis, Alice and Ozzy

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