Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Chalkboard Your Cupboards - What a Great Idea

Chalkboard Your Cupboards, What A Cool Idea

Convert the insides of your kitchen cupboards into chalkboards to write yourself cooking notes, add baking equivalents, hang measuring cups and spoons and more! 
This simple DIY project costs less than $10 and takes about 15 minutes.

You'll Need:
Painters Tape
1 Can Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint can be found at any hardware or big department store, such as The Warehouse, Mitre 10, Bunnings. 

It will be located in the paint/housewares section and usually costs just under $10 per can.

Remove the cupboard doors you wish to transform and lightly sand the inside, just enough to remove the varnish. Wipe it down very well to get any and all excess dust off the cabinet door. Carefully tape the edges to prevent over spray.

Shake the can well and spray the doors, about 8-10 inches away with an even sweeping
motion until completely covered

Let them dry (for the length of time suggested on the can of paint).

Once they have completely dried, gently remove the painters tape. 

Reattach the doors to the cupboards and write whatever you like. 

Here's a tip for writing "cleanly", sharpen a stick of chalk in an old cheapie pencil sharpener. It works wonders!

If you'd like to hang measuring cups and spoons, you can use 3M Clear Instant stick tabs as we've done here. 

It's a great use of space and prevents me from having to dig through drawers to search for a measuring cup.

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