Monday, 27 January 2014

Trina's Progress - Week Three On '' The Low Carb Diet

If you have been following my progress over the last few weeks you will know that I decided that I would do this food plan for 6-7 weeks to see if I could shed a few kg's.
You normally loose 6-7 kg in the first two weeks on ''Phase One'' as they call it.

I have previously done the ''Low Carb Diet'' about 10 years ago and it was very successful, but I was always constipated and towards the end lacked energy and suffered from headaches, and as I am a migraine sufferer I gave up.

But I put that down to not drinking water- I hate it, can't stand it, never have never will
And I was not getting enough fibre in my system
And I was not exercising regularly.

So this time around I am doing it differently, and I have survived three weeks with

Minor Headaches
No Constipation
No Withdraws
No Cheating ( Not cheating, but the best choice I could make)

Did I have lunch out -

Yes I chose the Bacon Sandwich without the bread, and had an oil dressing, and the second time I went out I had a Vegetable Frittata with salad, it did contain a few potatoes but it really was my best choice.

Did I have dinner out- 


Weight Loss

1 kg

Total Loss-

In 3 weeks is 4.7 kg, and can really start to feel it now in my boobs, bum and tummy.


3/7 been really busy

I have been really super dooper busy this week and am still eating the same ol things as I have posted the last few weeks the only new thing is I have found these Grain Wafer crackers, which taste ok and are actually less than 3 carbs per slice and this cashew nut spread for that amount that is on the cracker is just over 1 carb so if im caught short that is my go too at 4 carbs a piece.

And Yoplait Greek Style Yoghurt when you really have a need 7.8 carbs for 125 g

I hate drinking water, but I thought if I had it in front of me 24/7 I may drink more, and I do, this was my spend this week with my Xmas Vouchers I had, so I'm averaging 3/4 huge glasses a day since I've had it, so it is working SLOWLY

Check back next week for week 4's progress

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