Thursday, 30 January 2014

Baby Shower Gifts

Now you all know I have two Grand babies due this year and I have never been to a Baby Shower, and I have first one in February,  so I looked up online and found some cool ideas as gifts to take, so ill list them for you.

Babies First bath Pack

Fill a Baby's Bathtub or other unique container with:

hooded towel
wash cloth
rubber ducky
tearless baby shampoo
baby powder
baby lotion
terri cloth sleeper

Baby Poop Poem

Fill a Baby's Basket or other unique container with nappies:

When babies make a little gift,
A "treasure" you might say.
It wouldn't be the thing you'd want
To share on this day.
But these diapers are full of "babies",
Something you'll enjoy.
It doesn't matter if they're made
by a little girl or boy.

The "eternal flames" you leave for us,
Are always such a treat.
We thought this time we'd send them back...
Now isn't that just sweet

Father to Be Survival Kit

An address book with all the shower goer's phone numbers
A roll of coins for the pay phone
Dr. Spock's book
Extra diapers
A face mask
Baby sitting coupons so parents can get out for some time to themselves
Special hints from those who had kids
A small cloth frustration ball : for the times we needed to throw it on the floor.
Tapes or CDs of lullabies
Hand Lotion : to remind you that babies need lots of soft touches
Safety Pin: to help remind you to be safe
Marbles : to replace the ones you will loose
Lifesavers : to remind you that parents are lifesavers
Pen and paper : to write down your thoughts/memories to share when they are older
Wipes : for cleaning up those little messes
Candle : to remind you, you will be the light of that childs eye
Peppermint : to remind you you are worth a mint
Brag Book : so you will always have your child near
Sweet & Sour Candy : to remind you that every child can be both
Clock : to remind you that time passes to quickly...enjoy every minute
Moro Bar : for the moro of wisdom you will pass onto your child
Hershey's Hugs & Kisses : because you deserve them~!
Happy Face (Sticker) : to remind you to keep smiling
Paperclip : to help hold it all together
Balloon : to remind you to teach the children to reach for the sky
Rubber band : to remind you that flexibility is the key
Tissue : to dry those tears, the babies and yours.
Fireball - for times when you are burnt out
Lollipop : to lick all your problems
Eraser : to remind you that every new Dad made mistakes
Playing card : Raising and educating children is a gamble
Cotton Ball : for times when you can't hear yourself think
Rope : in case you get to the end of yours
Puzzle Piece : to remind you that you are an important piece in the journey of your child
Rolo Bar: to remind you to roll with the punches
Candle: so you never feel in the dark
Do Not Disturb Sign: to remind you that you need time to yourself
Aspirin : for when all else fails...take two

Dinner Basket for baby

Fill a Baby's Basket or other unique container with:

baby food, juices and cereals
a small baby food grinder & Baby food Recipes

Make sure that they have really long expiration periods so that when it comes time to start introducing foods, the parents don't have to run out to the store. 

Newborns baby bath

1/4 cup nonfat dry milk
1/4 cup whole dry buttermilk
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 drop orange oil ( optional )

Mix together all the ingredients and pour into a clean container or re-sealable plastic bag. Decorate with curly ribbon, add a nice tag with the following instructions

To Use: 
Pour 1/4 cup of the bath powder into a full tub or 1 tablespoon into a small baby bathtub. YIELD: 4, ounces enough for 2 baths

Gift Basket for Baby

Fill a Baby's Basket or other unique container with:

story book
stuffed critter
baby sleeper
Newborn Baby Bath

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