Monday, 7 October 2013

Childrens Reward System - Easy & Simple Try It

Here is a fabulous idea
Children love to be rewarded, so lets
                         Reward Them With Minutes

You can design what they get rewarded for and how they get to spend the reward minutes on.

There are the 3 examples here above note, coin, tokens and there are 3 blank replicas so you can design there individual currency, or you may decide minutes is not the way for your family, so you can chose something totally different..

So print them out, you could also laminate them to keep them looking nice,  and then decide on your 3 categories of expenditure.

Coins- Instant spot rewards, something you spot them doing unasked.
Dollars- Chores  or Homework done on time without asking
Tokens-  Helpful things, like tidying up for Mum, or Helping family members.

Simple things like

  • They washed their hands, with out being asked
  • They sat up at the table and got ready for dinner without getting asked.
  • Homework out of bag and on the table, straight after school
  • Cleaning teeth before bed
  • Making their bed
  • Tiding the room
Are the things I am meaning to be totally rewarded for on the spot.

Decide on a day to cash in whether you allow it to be anytime, or just in the weekends its up to you, your the parent.

You know the things that are special for your children so design spending to be something that is special to them.

Some suggestions are

Notes could be Time to do something special just with you and Mum or Dad

Coins could be and extra 5 minutess of television after an allotted bed time

Tokens could be an extra bedtime story, or they could read for 5 minutes more after lights out

This is not money it is MINUTES!!,  so you are not teaching them to many bad habits

They can be download here, have fun

Copyright note:

Please note that
All of these ideas are totally my own and mine alone,  but the tokens, coins & notes  were taken from

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