Monday, 16 September 2013

Top Ten Tips To Budgeting # 1 - Bartering

Number 1 Tip: Bartering


Is my #1 tip to share with you, and it is one that we all often forget about, 

Vegetable Gardens:

We all know people that have vegetable gardens, and we also know that age old problem that most vegetables tend to all grow together so you have 10 of the same things ready all at once, and no matter how hard you try it is unavoidable.

Not one family or person can eat 10 cabbages or 10 lettuces in a usual one week sitting, or before the food is ready to go on the compost bin.

So use your initiative and make an offer, to the grower, it could be something as simple as, would they let you have a share of their surplus if you

  • Offer to give them a hand to weed their garden weekly/fortnightly a time that you can manage
  • Watering the garden for them
  • Making a scarecrow out of old clothes to scare birds etc.
  • Make the offer to share with them pickles or chutney's that you would make with their produce
  • Invite them over for a meal and that way you could really go all out and show them your favourite ways to cook their vegetables, as everyone had different tastes and different styles.
  • Bake them a cake, who could resist a nice home baked cake
  • Do some ironing for them
  • The list is really endless really anything you can do you can offer, 

Never be afraid to ask a question, you could surprise yourself, and you will never know what is available for you and your family if you don't ask

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